Saturday, 31 March 2012

ATM, dir. David Brooks, wr. Chris Sparling, st. Alice Eve, Josh Peck, Brian Geraghty, Ashvin Singh

Here's another horror thriller with a trendy deceptively mundane title. In fact, have a go yourself: firstly, write a generic "parka-wearing killer targets teens" script. Go on, it won't take long, I'll wait. Done it? Good, now for the USP. Pick an ordinary, everyday outdoor location or object, and BAM! there's your movie. Clever isn't it? See how un-scary "Wheelie Bin" sounds? Or "Bollard"? Or "Foyer"? Here for example, a parka-wearing killer targets teens in one of those ATM huts in the middle of a car park. There're three of them and only one of him, plus he sporadically disappears from time to time to dispatch security guards, but the teens stay put because they're PARALYSED WITH FEAR, you see? Eventually, the surviving teen is indicted for all the carnage and the killer lives to kill again. Incidentally, he does this by apparently designing ATM locations, power and camera routings and so on, using blueprints and architects' tools before presumably submitting them for construction. It's a bit like if Kevin McCloud's AutoCAD animations at the beginning of Grand Designs included a voice over in which he calmly described in which rooms he was planning on offing the new owners. Although weirdly, I would watch that.