Thursday, 28 June 2012

Iron Sky, dir. Timo Vuorensola, scr. Michael Kalesniko, Timo Vuorensola, st. Julia Dietze, Christopher Kirby, Götz Otto, Peta Sergeant, Stephanie Paul, Udo Kier

Neither tatty enough to be dismissed outright, nor containing the requisite satirical nous to be wholly engaging, and setting aside for one moment any suggestion of tastelessness, Iron Sky remains something of a curiosity. The Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow CG sets and quasi-Austin Powers farce, complete with outlandish plot (defeated Nazis retreated to the moon in 1945, and now they're back) too often and frustratingly fail at making a connection, yet maybe this is what happens when a film such as this is crowd-sourced; the rudderlessness and over indulgence in too many disparate ideas is evident. There are some completely bonkers ideas though, which against my better judgement elicited a muffled guffaw; at one point a character gets pulled out of an airlock, the rush of expelled air reducing her to a brassiere and bloomered state of undress, very Carry On, and in another, the 2018 US president's (Palin - tee-hee) aide struggles with a re-election campaign that forces her to gather her staff in her office and perform a Downfall parody, which for once, given the film's subject matter, doesn't come across as an idea over-flogged. It would have been nice for Iron Sky to have the strength of its convictions and commit to full on, balls-to-the-wall Spaceballs goofiness; the sad reality leaves it with little to recommend.