Monday, 20 August 2012

Airborne, dir. Dominic Burns, wr. Paul Chronnell, st. Mark Hamill, Billy Murray, Simon Phillips, Gemma Atkinson, Julian Glover

A rag-tag bunch of loners and misfits board an airliner from Robin Hood airport (featuring the kind of peace, quiet and understaffing you only find in low-budget horrors) and find themselves thirty thousand feet up caught between a fiendish ruse to divert the plane and land in South America, and the release of a vengeful God who's been holed up for thousands of years in a vase. Trying to make desperate sense of proceedings, and indeed his career, is Mark Hamill, playing a slightly less iconic movie character in the form of air traffic controller Malcolm. Actually, that's a little mean. Hamill's done extraordinary voice-work as The Joker in both the Batman animated and video-game world, but his performance here smacks of favour-calling, rather than strength of conviction. Director Burns is competent although there's less innovation here than the expansive genre affords and it all looks like a rather messy homage by an obsessive Neil Marshall fan.