Saturday, 7 December 2013


Replacing the regular (or not so regular) Screencap Of The Week feature, FADE IN treads a similar path, but instead looks at opening shots of great films. This week, Oliver Stone's JFK.

Oliver Stone's magnum opus actually opens with a pre-credits title card - a quote from the American poet and author Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Of course, it's a catch-all sweeping, majestic, and defiant statement that encompases an assortment of different kinds of revolution - and one need not look far in the current news to see how relevant the quote is a hundred-odd years after it was written - but the sentiment is fundamentally powerful and clear: blowing the whistle on corruption, correcting friends down the pub when they utter a slur, defending oneself and others against everyday sexism - there exists a necessity - an obligation, even - to do the righteous thing and to speak out. It's possibly a bit cheeky of Stone to hang such a tenuous version of events as depicted in his film upon the pretence of such a moral peg, but it also does contextualise and absolve the proceeding three-hour case as an honourable quest for the truth.